Sandra K To also known as Iced Misto

Sandra is a multidisplinary artist and software developer. The last 2 years, she was working full-time as a Software Engineer who specialized in UX/UI Design and Front-End Development by day, and DJ street dance battles by night.

Currently seeking a UX/UI Design or Front-End position in a tech or arts organization.

"I'm drawn to the magic when art and technology, conjured together, can make someone's day a little better and easier."

Sandra majored in Visual Arts early on in her life, studied Software Development in college, and self-taught herself Street Dance (Waacking, House, and Hustle) and DJing in between. She combines all passions into her design and development to create empathic, creative work.

"There's a kind of beauty about creating software for a client, playing music at an party, sketching on a page, and orchestrating an event. The creative process is always a stressful experience, but equally stimulating. The result of it all is not so much about the end product, but how the work effect others."

Sandra K To